Made me laugh - Events page or events page? Zeny AB organises events for You, not for my calendar.

Made me laugh – event page :-)

Building a website is an interesting project. Perhaps just for an event management company this creates a bit extra challenges (and laughs!) compared to other branches, when building an event page. Or what do you say about this story?

Once upon a time, when creating my sitemap, I was thinking about having a page called “Events”. On that page I was planning to describe Zeny AB‘s service on organising events. Everything went well until I updated the menu. All seemed to be alright, but the page I just created disappeared. Weird, I thought. Update again… and the same thing.

I solved the mystery as I found out that the events-page guided towards events calendar! After some renaming I finally got what I wanted. Now, dear readers, you can find more information on organising events as I planned to serve for you… and so they all lived happily ever after!

Made me laugh - Events page or events page? Zeny AB organises events for You, not for my calendar.
Did you mean “events page” or “events page”?
Job titles for "event makers" vary a lot. Is this an event organiser or an event logistics coordinator - don't worry, just call it "Jenni". That's jennilike event management!

Job titles for “event makers”

I often use the term Event Organiser as my title or an answer to a question, what do I do and am passioned about. There are dozens of job titles for employees in the event management branch. In a light hierarchy company as Zeny AB is, it still varies a lot what the tasks and duties are on a daily basis. For me, it is more important to make things happen, get things done and clients happy than to have a nice, all-inclusive title that tells exactly what I do. In general, I do what my customers want, wish and dream that could be done at their events – simple as that, into the very last detail.

For some people it is important to be in contact with a specific titled person when planning an event. For some people it might be challenging to find the suitable titled person whom to contact to get things started. With Zeny AB you just contact Jenni and get all these levels covered at once. That’s jennilike event management. But just for my own interest, I asked AI, what it would say about my title as an “event maker”.

“Event organizers must be highly organized, detail-oriented, and skilled at multitasking. They also need strong communication and negotiation skills to work effectively with clients and vendors. Ultimately, their goal is to create successful and memorable events that meet their clients’ objectives and exceed expectations.” – AI

Jenni checking from aside that everything is okay on stage

The Event Logistics Coordinator checking from aside that everything is okay on stage.

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Let’s go!

I’ve been wondering already for a longer time, if there really still in 2023 is a need for a company website. After some serious thinking I decided… Yes.

I see also a possibility to use subdomains for my customers to create sites for different events. Do you need marketing, registration, collecting and sharing information, place for photos and videos of the event? Now you can have it included in event organising as well.

Said and done: The developing of this web page started on the 8th of September and now we are online! Welcome to the world of Zeny AB, the jennilike event management company 🙂