Organising Events

Are You planning a company event, conference, congress, seminar, key note speaker lecture, workshop, or a training event? Gala dinner, three course meal with program, concert, Christmas party, Summer opening, kick-off? Get-Together, fiesta, family gathering, kids party, birthday party, theme party, wedding, anniversary, or something else? For some people, organising events can feel like a big burden. With Zeny AB hand in hand You will notice, that the fun starts from our first meeting!

Even though the end result always look, feel and taste different, the work behind for organising events has plenty of similarities.

Steps like dreaming of the goal that will be set for the event together with the client, planning and counting, booking of the venues and suppliers, designing, cooperating, checking, executing, reporting… go all hand in hand from one event to another.

Notes and manus are ready for the evening. Let the guests arrive!

The size of the event scales and differs the workload of course, but the basic questions stay the same. I collected a list of questions that help to start the framing of the event. You can think about these topics already before contacting an event organiser.  Or then, we can together start the process from zero. However You like and feel comfort with. As Your event organiser, I will ask the remaining questions. This helps You to get an overview of the big picture and what all will be taken care of. You will also get to know what will be the next steps along the process.

“Dreaming of the goal that will be set for the event together with the client starts the planning, and all the steps up to the final reports – for me, they all equal to enjoying the work.” – Jenni Ahlstedt

Let Zeny AB do the work so You can enjoy!

Contact Zeny AB to start organising the event as a journey with a partner who takes your wishes in detail as commands. All styles and sizes of events become better with a professional event organiser. From a ten toddlers’ kids birthday party to a 400 person’s company event – all suitable for the jennilike event management company to lead.

And, most of all, the “WHY?” for hiring an event organising company: To let You relax and enjoy the company of Your guests and the fruit of the work done behind the scenes. Before, during, and after the event.

Happy people enjoying the evening and dancing to the live band after a 3 course dinner at a gala

This picture could be the after-dinner-moment from Your
company kick-off, Your conference for an international organisation,
Your Pre Christmas party or Your wedding.
How would it look like at Your next event?