Countless development opportunities

The development opportunities for an event organiser are countless! As I wrote in another blog post: “Some days the feeling is almost like being a magician. Other days more of an office clerk, personal shopper or weight lifter. All great skills to master, when working with events.”

Some people say they are so afraid of public speaking, they would rather die than speak on stage for an audience. For me, combining the tasks of an event organiser and a Master of Ceremony / program host, it feels natural to stand in front of public and talk, sing or entertain.

Are you afraid of heights?

One special case came to my mind when I was cleaning after an event. Taking down decorations could also be a task that doesn’t suit everyone. Balloons that are hanging from the curtain rod can be a couple of meters high, depending on the venue. And the ladders are not always the most stable ones. Well, if the task was just to take down the decorations, it could have happened quickly. Just a clip with scissors and it’s done. But. I always think about sustainability. It takes a bit more time to collect everything and pack them nicely at once. This way the decorations are ready directly for the next suitable event. 

Using the right knots makes the task easier of course. I am so grateful for my background as a girl guide for having learned many useful knots. Not only to make them, but indeed with the sustainability thought, also to open them.

I will write more about my thoughts and actions around UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in another blog post. Now, more countless development opportunities await as I still have some balloons up there…

Decorations at the curtain rod can be an issue for the client. The good part is, you can leave it for the event organiser to hang and take down.

Christmas came early this year?

No, it’s not Christmas already – it’s Christmas STILL for some days. The red-hat-season was quite busy for me. When en event organiser is “in the mood”, then it’s a Christmas party all day long! One day in December I had two Christmas events to organise in different parts of Stockholm. And they both had ordered rental for Christmas decoration from me. It needed indeed detailed planning and some quick moves during the day, as you can guess. It was fun and everything went well, as all guests and hosts in both events were happy. At the starting time there were no signs of rushing, as everything settled well to their places as planned. In between everything I had a quick lunch at home; of course “elf porridge”, (tomtegröt). Elf porridge means rice porridge, which is the traditional energy source for all the elves of Santa Claus.

To energise your customers you need to energise yourself

During busy event days it’s extremely important for the event organiser to remember to eat as well. When you live and breathe the event you are making, you focus on every detail to be perfect. This is when you can easily forget to load yourself with energy. Adrenaline keeps you going. But when the moment comes when you would have a minute to sit down, you notice it. Whoops, I missed the lunch and the snack and the dinner… I have learned the lesson. In one project over ten years ago I even had a personal assistant just to make sure I ate. He made sure I sat down and ate properly twice a day. Then again I was “free to go” to continue my duties.

Have you seen a Finnish Christmas calendar TV programme “The Joulukalenteri”? They sing it’s so well about how it is to be an elf (tonttu): “Yeeeeah, it’s hard to be a tonttu.” Hard or not, anyways, I love it.

Feeling happy after an event

The feeling after an event

I love the feeling I get after an event is over. When the last guests have gone back home, I get to pack, clean, and organise the venue. Everything will be back to how it was when we arrived, or better. The feeling of fulfillment, happiness, success, quietness, ease, and peace of mind after a hectic day… It is like receiving a big award and the cherry on top of the event project. I know I did a good job, as the guests truly showed their appreciation for all the organising, the way the venue looked, the catering service, and how the evening’s program went. It’s great to go home after all this and go to sleep with a smile of gratitude. My guests being happy makes me happy.

But do I really need an event organiser?

Smaller events like this one with fewer than 20 guests can be organised with just one person taking care of everything. Everything including catering and cleaning, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some people believe that event organisers should only be hired for big conferences or galas. It is true that smaller events can be planned and executed by the host who wants an event to happen. But, does that person then get to enjoy the event themselves? It’s similar to building your own website and managing marketing campaigns on your own compared to hiring a professional. It’s possible, but is the end result really what you wanted?

OMG – there’s so much to do even for a small event!

Preparing the venue, food, drinks, transporting everything, warming and cooling, setting the tables, decorating, handling technical aspects like presentations, music, and online meeting, making sure everyone knows how to get to the venue, and getting themselves ready. These are just some of the things that happen before welcoming the guests and engaging with them. Not to mention what needs to happen during the event. Small tasks, such as ensuring that the food trays and coffee pots are filled during the event, and that the spills are cleaned up should not be done by the main person of the event in his tuxedo / her gala dress.

And when it’s time to close down the event, the host should be able to leave for home (or to an afterparty) without worrying about packing up roll-ups, cables and empty bottles.

When there’s a reason for a party or an event, it’s worth doing it well and allowing the official host to enjoy the event with their guests. This is why Zeny AB exists — to make even the event hosts happy.

Survival Kit is needed. What can ruin the event? Torn pantyhose. Picture of a toe watching from a broken sock.

Survival Kit

What can ruin the almost-perfect event? When small things matter, Survival Kit is the key to the success. Even when transport, venue, food and beverages are well planned and organised, some guest might not have everything right. Service, program, decorations, lights, music and atmosphere are amazing, but still the shoe rubs – perhaps even literally.

Survival Kit

In every event that Zeny AB organises, You can find a “Survival Kit” in the restroom or other practical place. Small but oh, so important things that can save the evening on a personal level are there for you. The detailed contents of the Survival Kit vary from one event to another, but the basics are the same. They are things that you might need during the evening, but there’s no chance to pack all of them into your purse. It would be terrible to suffer from a torn pantyhose or a piece of food in a tooth cavity for the whole evening. When You feel the need of a small spray of deodorant or a safety pin before the board meeting continues, Zeny has already thought about it and solved it for You.

You can feel safe when booking the event with Zeny AB. We are not only organising the big picture and logistics, but also small details even on a personal level. We do it by preparing to fix – and prevent from – small harms and accidents that might occur during an event. Zeny works hard so You can party hard!

Made me laugh - Events page or events page? Zeny AB organises events for You, not for my calendar.

Made me laugh – event page :-)

Building a website is an interesting project. Perhaps just for an event management company this creates a bit extra challenges (and laughs!) compared to other branches, when building an event page. Or what do you say about this story?

Once upon a time, when creating my sitemap, I was thinking about having a page called “Events”. On that page I was planning to describe Zeny AB‘s service on organising events. Everything went well until I updated the menu. All seemed to be alright, but the page I just created disappeared. Weird, I thought. Update again… and the same thing.

I solved the mystery as I found out that the events-page guided towards events calendar! After some renaming I finally got what I wanted. Now, dear readers, you can find more information on organising events as I planned to serve for you… and so they all lived happily ever after!

Made me laugh - Events page or events page? Zeny AB organises events for You, not for my calendar.
Did you mean “events page” or “events page”?
Job titles for "event makers" vary a lot. Is this an event organiser or an event logistics coordinator - don't worry, just call it "Jenni". That's jennilike event management!

Job titles for “event makers”

I often use the term Event Organiser as my title or an answer to a question, what do I do and am passioned about. There are dozens of job titles for employees in the event management branch. In a light hierarchy company as Zeny AB is, it still varies a lot what the tasks and duties are on a daily basis. For me, it is more important to make things happen, get things done and clients happy than to have a nice, all-inclusive title that tells exactly what I do. In general, I do what my customers want, wish and dream that could be done at their events – simple as that, into the very last detail.

For some people it is important to be in contact with a specific titled person when planning an event. For some people it might be challenging to find the suitable titled person whom to contact to get things started. With Zeny AB you just contact Jenni and get all these levels covered at once. That’s jennilike event management. But just for my own interest, I asked AI, what it would say about my title as an “event maker”.

“Event organizers must be highly organized, detail-oriented, and skilled at multitasking. They also need strong communication and negotiation skills to work effectively with clients and vendors. Ultimately, their goal is to create successful and memorable events that meet their clients’ objectives and exceed expectations.” – AI

Jenni checking from aside that everything is okay on stage

The Event Logistics Coordinator checking from aside that everything is okay on stage.

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Let’s go!

I’ve been wondering already for a longer time, if there really still in 2023 is a need for a company website. After some serious thinking I decided… Yes.

I see also a possibility to use subdomains for my customers to create sites for different events. Do you need marketing, registration, collecting and sharing information, place for photos and videos of the event? Now you can have it included in event organising as well.

Said and done: The developing of this web page started on the 8th of September and now we are online! Welcome to the world of Zeny AB, the jennilike event management company 🙂