Feeling happy after an event

The feeling after an event

I love the feeling I get after an event is over. When the last guests have gone back home, I get to pack, clean, and organise the venue. Everything will be back to how it was when we arrived, or better. The feeling of fulfillment, happiness, success, quietness, ease, and peace of mind after a hectic day… It is like receiving a big award and the cherry on top of the event project. I know I did a good job, as the guests truly showed their appreciation for all the organising, the way the venue looked, the catering service, and how the evening’s program went. It’s great to go home after all this and go to sleep with a smile of gratitude. My guests being happy makes me happy.

But do I really need an event organiser?

Smaller events like this one with fewer than 20 guests can be organised with just one person taking care of everything. Everything including catering and cleaning, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some people believe that event organisers should only be hired for big conferences or galas. It is true that smaller events can be planned and executed by the host who wants an event to happen. But, does that person then get to enjoy the event themselves? It’s similar to building your own website and managing marketing campaigns on your own compared to hiring a professional. It’s possible, but is the end result really what you wanted?

OMG – there’s so much to do even for a small event!

Preparing the venue, food, drinks, transporting everything, warming and cooling, setting the tables, decorating, handling technical aspects like presentations, music, and online meeting, making sure everyone knows how to get to the venue, and getting themselves ready. These are just some of the things that happen before welcoming the guests and engaging with them. Not to mention what needs to happen during the event. Small tasks, such as ensuring that the food trays and coffee pots are filled during the event, and that the spills are cleaned up should not be done by the main person of the event in his tuxedo / her gala dress.

And when it’s time to close down the event, the host should be able to leave for home (or to an afterparty) without worrying about packing up roll-ups, cables and empty bottles.

When there’s a reason for a party or an event, it’s worth doing it well and allowing the official host to enjoy the event with their guests. This is why Zeny AB exists — to make even the event hosts happy.

Survival Kit is needed. What can ruin the event? Torn pantyhose. Picture of a toe watching from a broken sock.

Survival Kit

What can ruin the almost-perfect event? When small things matter, Survival Kit is the key to the success. Even when transport, venue, food and beverages are well planned and organised, some guest might not have everything right. Service, program, decorations, lights, music and atmosphere are amazing, but still the shoe rubs – perhaps even literally.

Survival Kit

In every event that Zeny AB organises, You can find a “Survival Kit” in the restroom or other practical place. Small but oh, so important things that can save the evening on a personal level are there for you. The detailed contents of the Survival Kit vary from one event to another, but the basics are the same. They are things that you might need during the evening, but there’s no chance to pack all of them into your purse. It would be terrible to suffer from a torn pantyhose or a piece of food in a tooth cavity for the whole evening. When You feel the need of a small spray of deodorant or a safety pin before the board meeting continues, Zeny has already thought about it and solved it for You.

You can feel safe when booking the event with Zeny AB. We are not only organising the big picture and logistics, but also small details even on a personal level. We do it by preparing to fix – and prevent from – small harms and accidents that might occur during an event. Zeny works hard so You can party hard!